How does the rack install?

Do I need any special tools?

No. We include 2 hex wrenches for initial assembly and a removal tool to use when removing the rack from your hitch receiver after use. 

Is the dovetail connection secure?

The Dovetail connection is extremely secure.  While it can be connected easily, vibration from loading the rack and driving actually tightens the connection. The supplied removal tool allows you to separate the Dovetail joint to easily remove the rack from your vehicle.  

Does the rack tilt or swing out?

No. Racks with tilting or swing out mechanisms are heavy.  Our rack was designed to be lightweight, compact and easily removable. It takes just a few seconds to remove the rack when you don’t need to transport your bikes.

Will this fit on my vehicle?

The rack is compatible with almost all vehicles outfitted with a hitch receiver. We have both 1 ¼” and 2” size Dovetail receivers hitch arms and multiple lengths available to provide clearance for pickup tailgates, van doors, etc. If you’re not sure which one to purchase, just shoot us an email.

What size bike tray should I get?

Our trays are available in two sizes - STANDARD, which fits tire widths on typical road bikes up to 2.6” and FAT BIKE which fits tire widths up to 4. Both sizes are able to accommodate smaller sizes safely as well. 

How does my bike attach to the rack?

The bike is attached by resting the bottom bracket on the rack mount and sliding the crank arm into the mount, then tightening a thumbscrew against the arm. The bike’s front tire sits in the bike tray and is strapped in with velcro while the back tire remains free hanging.

Will the rack damage my bike?

The point where the bracket rests on the frame is made of plastic to reduce any chance of damage. The thumbscrew used to secure the crank arm also has a plastic bumper so there is no metal to metal contact. 

How much does the rack weigh?

The single bike rack with either tray type weighs 8.5 lbs. The double bike rack weighs 14 lbs.

What’s the weight capacity of the rack?

We suggest limiting bike weight to 50 lbs per bike.

Can I lock the bike rack?

Yes, we include a set of keyed-alike padlocks with each rack purchase or for sale separately. These locks can be used through the specifically designed holes in the upright mounts and the release lever hole to secure the bikes to the rack. and rack to. your vehicle. Alternatively, you can use a straight end cable lock, like the Masterlock Python, as this can be run through the hitch safety chain hole, the release lever holes, and the bike frame for additional security.