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Lock Set (Currently unavailable)
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Lock Set (Currently unavailable)

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Set of 3 keyed-alike padlocks made specifically to work with the Dovetail Ferst rack system. Includes two extended length locks for the upright mounts and one shorter length lock for the hitch receiver.

Weight - Single/Double
Standard Tray = 8.5/14 lbs
Fat Bike Tray =  8.5/14 lbs

Tray Sizes
Standard Tray = 1-2.6 inch tires
Fat Bike Tray = 1-4 inch tires

All Trays MAX 50 lbs per bike



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Why choose us?


The only bike rack interface of its kind - our racks are easily removable with minimal effort. If you want to have uninhibited cargo access without your rack in the way, simply remove your rack whenever you need to.


With our single bike rack maxing out at 8.5 pounds, and our double at at 14, these are the LIGHTEST hitch mounted bike racks available (without sacrificing strength). This makes installing and removing the racks super easy.


Mountain bikes, plus tires, fat bikes, road, gravel... whatever kind of bike you enjoy, we have the tray option for you. If you don't know your tire sizes, our fat bike tray is the most universal fit.


No wiggle, rattle, movement or play - our super secure connection system eliminates the stress of sketchy, wobbling bike racks. If you like to take your bikes off the beaten path our racks will get them there safely.